Answers to Frequently Asked Land Selling Questions

When Is the Best Time to Sell Land?

Timing is a crucial factor that can either make or break your efforts to sell your land. Put it out too soon and you risk your property staying in the market for too long and losing value. Put it out too late and you risk losing your opportunity to get prime-time views and offers. Here lies the importance of knowing when is the best time to put your land on the market.

A lot of people recommend selling land during the spring season in order to leverage the blooming of flowers and lush greeneries to raise the land’s appeal. However, experts don’t quite agree, seeing more potential in the autumn season.

Autumn: The Most Ideal Season to Sell Land

Autumn is slowly becoming the best time to sell land. This is because of the tourism spike in the months of September to December and the perfect timing that aligns with the construction industry. And of course, certain types of land look better with the accents of fallen leaves and the warm colors of autumn.

Tourism Spike

The autumn season sees a spike in tourist visits across most states, thanks to the welcoming temperature that’s a perfect mix of cool and sunny. Most of these tourists that come to visit are on the lookout for vacation or retirement homes, which makes it the perfect time for land sellers to put their listings on the market.

The perk of selling land instead of a home is that the market for land buyers extends their search until the beginning of the following year, exceeding autumn and going well into the winter season.

Aligns with Construction Industry

Homebuilders and developers typically begin planning and priming lands during autumn, giving them more than enough time to prepare for the construction period in the spring. Selling your land during the autumn season puts the development stage in perfect alignment with the plans of the construction industry.

Land Owners Can Still Keep Their Listings During the Winter

The winter season is typically when home sellers hide their listings and shut down their efforts to sell their pieces of property. This is because the market is typically inactive during the November to December months. The good news is that the sales dip during the winter does not apply to land sellers.

Land Requires Less Maintenance

Selling land is not a time-sensitive endeavor, considering that you don’t need to maintain any structure during the winter, clean interiors, etc. You just need to ensure regular maintenance and upkeep. Because of this, you can keep your land listing up and active during the winter months.

Unique Market During the Winter

The winter season is also attractive to land buyers, especially those who are looking for vacation homes to spend the winter or areas where they can engage in winter activities like skiing. This puts land that gets lots of snow very attractive to potential buyers during the winter season. To leverage this, you just need to know how to showcase your land in the best light and in a way that ties well with the winter.

Less Competition

A lot of landowners make the mistake of thinking that home selling and land selling are one and the same. Because of this, they also take their listings down during the winter season. That’s good news for you, considering that you have less competition from December to February!

Every Season Works

While selling land is more difficult compared to selling a home, time is on your side since you don’t have to worry about which season you should put your land on the market. Every season works as potential land buyers are active all throughout the year. The advent of the internet and the development of new technologies make every season fit for selling land.

The Advent of the Internet

Before the advent of the Internet, home and land sales significantly declined during the autumn and winter seasons because people didn’t want to brave the cold and leave their houses during this time of year. But thanks to online listings, many potential buyers now hop online to begin their search. No longer are they limited because of weather conditions.

Innovative Technology

While plenty of potential buyers still want to view properties in person, technology is making it easier for them to make their purchasing decisions. Through virtual tours, drone photography, and professional imaging, buyers can see all aspects of a potential purchase on their smartphone screens.

Your job, as a land seller, is to leverage the wonders of technology to give your listings a competitive edge and make them marketable in any season.

So… When Should You Sell Your Land?

Because you are selling vacant land, the limits present in home selling do not apply to you. You are in a very unique and beneficial position to put your listing in the market regardless of the season. You just need to know how to leverage every time of year to show your land in its best light.

If you want to break free from all the preparation and hassle of trying to sell your land quickly, contact us today. We can directly purchase your land and give you an all-cash offer within 72 hours.