Answers to Frequently Asked Land Selling Questions

The Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Vacant Land

Nothing beats the experience of buying your own land. You can never go wrong with land. It is a major investment and whatever your land will be used for, you can make a good amount from it or build your home. However, the process of buying land is not simple and you need to have a rough idea on what should be done when you are buying land. There are common mistakes that people make and you should ensure you avoid them. Here are some of the best practices when buying vacant land.

Have a Good Team

This is one of the main do’s when anyone is looking to buy a vacant land. No matter what experience you have, you should work with a good team to assess the land. A professional land agency will guide you in every step of the way when you are buying your land. They are able to help in many ways including the following:

  • Assess the Best Options
  • Identify Issues
  • Identify Safety Risks

There are usually some unforeseen problems that the land can have and advice from an agency is valuable.

Lay of the Land and Environmental Risks

When buying a vacant land, it is vital not to ignore the lay of the land. Is it on a slope or on flat land? If you are looking to build, is it the best site? Will tree removal services be required? Those are some of the considerations you must look at. You should have good knowledge of the topography of the land you are looking to buy.

Be Clear on the Zoning

People should not assume they can change the zone easily. Zoning ensures that a parcel of land in a particular area is used for its intended purposes. There are zones for commercial buildings, residencies, and even farming zones. Be clear on the zoning of the land you want to buy and if it matches your purpose.

Consider Values of Homes in the Neighborhood

Are you buying land to build a home or commercial building for lease or any other purpose? It is vital you consider the value of homes and buildings in the particular neighborhood you are building. This is vital because the values of homes in the neighborhood will match the value of the structure you are looking to build.

Annual Taxes

Annual taxes are part of any land. They shouldn’t be ignored and you should ensure that you keep up with the tax requirements that your piece of land has. No one likes to be in legal issues. Annual taxes vary for every parcel of land and you should ensure that you are comfortable with the one you are looking to buy.

A Professional Team

Slate Land Buyers is the team that you can look to for the best land buying help and tips. We operate in North Carolina and have helped many people in buying the best land for themselves in the region. Work with us today for a smooth process in land buying.